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The Inside Advantage: Publications

These practical, inspirational books and booklets are guides to living more successfully. When you clearly understand the workings of your mind, you will gain the power to change by discovering how to relieve stress and improve health, how to let go of the past and jump-start your future, how to believe in yourself and your capabilities, and much more!

With warmth, sincerity and insight, The Inside Advantage Publications show you how to take control of your life from the inside out. 

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Audio ProgramsThe Inside Advantage® Audio Programs

"Learn how to gain your Inside Advantage for brilliant outside results." Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup For the Soul

The Inside Advantage® guided imagery and motivational audio programs cover a variety of topics to help individuals achieve specific goals. They are absolutely unique with original background music, special sound effects and gentle tones! The exceptional quality of these programs comes in part from paying close attention to detail. Much time was spent carefully choosing just the right words, concepts, and imagery for their special meanings. All programs are created and narrated by Cathy and produced in a professional recording studio. They are available in both CD and MP3 formats.

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